Despicable Me 3 Review

Despicable Me 3

Gru and the Minions return for another adventure in supervillainry – can it keep the franchise fires alive? Lee reviews.


Criticism, ala Despicable Me 3.

It’s hard to understand what went wrong; we start out on the right foot. Introduced to a gimmicky but fun villain, and given plenty of workable material for Gru’s arc. Given that the series has handled pretty heavy adult life crises before in a whimsical way, it’s pretty reasonable to assume-

Lucy’s struggle to adapt to motherhood parallels with Dru’s struggle in that-

Doubling down on the Gru stories and actually trimming Minion content seems almost like an audacious middle-finger to the expectant children and execs who stole the heart of their beloved original children’s bedtime story and warped it for capital. Though it doesn’t help Minions 2 is-

Quite reminiscent of Shrek the Third, especially the scene-

It does still have quite a lot of charm in its action; that Looney Tunes rubber motion keeps everything fluid and bouncy, and when the film actually sets aside time to just have fun at least, you can easily find yourself having a good time. It’s not long before-

-Dru isn’t cool.

-who cares?

-on the way, so that middle-finger looks more like a poop emoji. Especially now they have all new outfits and cars and characters to sell from this one; I mean 80’s themed villain with cute robot sidekick? Cha-ching!

-there should be some payoff, at least for the gurrrlls; think of the gurrls!

-it loses focus or stops giving a shit once back on track.



4 thoughts on “Despicable Me 3 Review

    • On our (1-10) system, B- would be a 5, so it’s top of the bottom tier. I think that’s pretty fair, it’s certainly still got some charm and isn’t particularly offensive, it’s just a lazy movie that doesn’t do its job fully.

      Worse things out there, certainly 🙂

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