Everything, Everything Review

Everything Everything

Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson star in teen drama Everything, Everything – the perfect proving grounds for our new writer, Kathryn. Read her review here.


Everything, Everything is yet another teenage romantic drama film with a medical twist. Following the standard story of a new boy (Nick Robinson, budget Ansel Elgort) moving in next door to a housebound girl (Amandla Stenberg, Rue from Hunger Games) it eventually leads to through the window flirting and trouble ensuing as their romance turns into a forbidden love story.  Even though Amandla Stenberg’s strong performance carries most of the film, Nick Robinson has as much personality as a piece of wood so there is not enough chemistry between the characters for you to give much a shit about their relationship.

Out of all the films now adapted from YA novels, this one is the most forgettable. Throughout, the narrative just didn’t feel fleshed out enough, the story jumped from one place to next which didn’t allow for the relationship between the two characters to flow naturally and the dialogue also didn’t help the plot seem any more believable, with my personal favourite line being “I have respect for the ocean.” Have you ever heard teenagers talk like that? – No, not unless they’re complete knobs trying to show off.

Maybe if you’re under the age of 15, likely the key demographic of the film, you might enjoy this film but unfortunately it was too bland for me.  It wasn’t completely terrible but it didn’t seem to really take off at any point.

A key tip if you’re thinking of watching this film – don’t. Watch the trailer, it’s basically the same thing minus the plot twist at the end which you will completely see coming, leaving for an unsatisfying ending and a drop off just where it could have gotten interesting.  The plot twist could have made for a better movie by itself even.



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